About Us

Galaxy Glassworks designs meticulous handcrafted pieces of space glass. Our current specialty is pendant jewelry, but at times we offer marbles and collaborate with artists on pipes, bubblers and dab rigs. We’re based out of Santa Cruz, California but work with glass flameworkers all over the world. We spend much of our time traveling and visiting artists in Bangkok, Paris, Singapore, Hebei and many other cities.

Although we offer our own designs, we’re passionate about bringing attention to other space glass artists and we’ve taken time to build a directory with profiles of some of the talented glassworkers we’ve learned about along the way: http://www.galaxyglasswork.com/satoshi-tomizu/

If you’d like to talk, ask about custom projects, or simply meet up while we travel, we typically respond fastest on our facebook or instagram pages:


If social media isn’t your jam, then you can email us as well: galaxyspaceglass (at) gmail.com